Ponderosa Ranch is an equestrian center that specializes in the care and boarding of privately-owned horses, Training of show horses, Lessons for the novice and experienced rider, Horse shows, and Trail rides.

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Ponderosa Ranch is founded by Luis “Lucho” Claro, Lucho is one of the island’s most well-respected horsemen. One in a long line of horsemen, Lucho Claro has a lifetime’s worth of experience, having been raised on a horse ranch in Cartegena, Colombia, and now having spent more than 30 years in Aruba, involved in the local and regional show circuit, training different horses (including “Casanova,” an island grand champion) and providing riding instruction.

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Ponderosa objectives: It is the intention of Ponderosa Ranch management and staff to offer a safe and pleasurable experience to all its visitors by catering to the needs of its customers. For its trail rides, Ponderosa offers both private horseback riding tours and regular tours. Furthermore, Ponderosa management and staff seek to offer a more complete equestrian experience, offering better quality horses to its customers as well as additional instruction and exhibition events to its trail ride clientele.

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All riders are welcome at Ponderosa Ranch, from novice to expert levels (maximum weight: 250 lbs.) However, children must be 6 years or older in order to ride their own horse. It is up to the discretion of the parent if they wish to have a child younger than 6 years old accompany him or her on the same horse (seated behind or in front of the parent on the saddle).